JANG HORNG ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. jest jednym z renomowanych producentów, dostawców i eksporterów Dzwonek rowerowy, z fabryką w Taiwan. Dzięki wieloletniemu doświadczeniu w linii wytwarzania, jesteśmy znani z naszej wyjątkowej wydajności w branży. Pomogliśmy się jako jeden z wiodących marek w Dzwonek rowerowy. Stale ulepszamy nasze produkty spełniają międzynarodowe standardy. Posiadamy zespół specjalistów, który zapewnia terminowość dostaw z dużą szczerością quality.Our i ciężka praca pomogła nam dopasować naszą jakości z międzynarodowymi standardami.


Jang Horng Enterprise CO, LTD was established at 1983 by Mr. Sheng Keng Lin, the chairman of the board. With the strong manufacture experience, thorough project management skills and brilliant designing ideas, Mr. Lin has invented and improved from 3 types of traditional bicycle ring bells to over 50 kinds in the past 3 decades. Since, those products have been approved and certificated by many national and international patents. It is also becoming very well-known products in the bicycle industry. In 2007, one of the products, the whistle ring bell won the first Innovation Award of the Taipei Cycle Show.

Except providing relatively fancy and convenient products to customers, we take the initiative to participate the international bike show in Germany annually for potential clients and further cooperation worldwide. In order to understand the requests of clients and customers, we are passionate to expand the market and introduce our products to the bike industry.

As any other companies, our path of running the company is not always as peaceful as lakes. Yet, some companies from Mainland China or some developing countries are making lots of copycat products with very cheap price, unprofessional skills and low quality. However, we provide the high-quality products to our clients enthusiastically, because we believe most customers have requests on quality and environmental awareness. We are extremely serious about choosing materials of bells and stoving varnish. As a company that really focus on future and seek the long-term cooperation, we are scrupulous to every single step of bell-making process. Hence, we are fully confident that the company is reaching a better future.

Nasza szczerość i ciężka praca pozwoliły nam dopasować jakość naszych

Dzwonek rowerowy

z międzynarodowymi standardami. Według różnych rodzajów potrzeb produkcyjnych, oferujemy doskonałe usługi.